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Surge Protection

Why surge protection?

Surges and power spikes are a fact of life, thanks to the daily thunder and electrical storms that we experience here in Florida.  Other factors include switching power circuits, fluxuating power demands from neighbors and other nearby changes in power.  In most cases, people typically use surge strips and small UPS units to protect our valuable equipment.  Each time we buy a new piece of equipment, we buy another surge strip to protect that device.  Why not consider protecting all of your equipment with a quality surge protection device installed right in power panel?




:  A typical, small UPS unit (like the one shown below) does not do a very good job of eliminating power surges.  A quality surge protection device will prevent surges of up to 4,000 Joules, yet the typical standard UPS units will only stop a surge of 400 to 800 Joules, leaving your equipment vulnerable to damage.


Clamping down on the voltage:
Surge protectors act like an electrical clamp by stopping the excess electrical energy and preventing it from reaching and damaging your expensive equipment.  The common power strip or UPS has a limited ability to absorb spikes in energy, so it is very important to select a quality surge protector with the appropriate surge ratings (measured in Joules) to protect the equipment from the damaging surges.  A quality surge suppressor is designed to prevent sensitive data equipment from being damaged by brown-outs, lightning strikes or power surges by diverting the excess voltage to electrical ground, away from your equipment.  Here’s some examples of what you can protect with a surge suppression device:

Business equipment:
Air conditioning equipment
Elevators and escalators
Data center equipment
Desktop computers and laptops
Printers, scanners and copiers
Security & surveillance systems
Telephone/PBX/VOIP/FAX equipment
Fire protection equipment (fire panels and controllers)
Manufactuting and sensitive test equipment
Motor driven pumps and fans
Lighting equipment

Residental equipment:
Computer equipment
Game consoles
Telephones and answering machines
Security equipment
VCRs, DVR’s & Satellite receivers
Air conditioning equipment
Well pumps

Proper surge suppression is applied in three major areas:
1) Electrical lines  2) Cable TV lines  3) Telephone lines

Protecting these three major vulnerabilities will drastically reduce your exposure to surges and lightning damage.

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