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Damaging storms can pop up at any time, causing havoc with utility power and your critical systems. Schedule a sales professional to review your current power protection plan.

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Battery Replacement

From the very small, to installations that run from wall-to-wall, Computer Power Systems services them all.  Your equipment relies on clean and reliable power 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so why trust your equipment to just anybody? 

Consider this:  Battery quality is one of the single most important factors when considering a replacement contract.  A single bad battery can cause an outage during the crucial moments of a utility feed or other power interruption.  Computer Power Systems installs premium quality battery products, ensuring your equipment will remain powered through the moment of critical need.  That’s why local hospitals, 911 call centers, police departments, telecommunication providers and data centers rely on CPS to service their critical power needs.  Your UPS equipment requires specifically designed batteries that provide power under high-current demands.  Purchasing the wrong type of batteries will lead to shortened battery life or severe battery failure during an outage, leaving your equipment without power.

Is your current UPS configuration not providing enough runtime for your equipment?  Computer Power Systems can analyze your existing installation and possibly offer solutions to retrofit your existing battery banks to allow for extended run times, instead of having to consider costly UPS replacement.

Our factory trained technicians know how to properly service your equipment, contact us today for more information about servicing your UPS and battery needs.