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Monitoring Services

Monitoring your UPS and generator equipment is key to ensuring the equipment is ready to run when an outage takes place.  Our proactive service monitors your equipment 24×7 and continuously offers a deep insight on the current status of your equipment as well as alert on a potential issues that could result in an outage in the future.   Our services constantly monitor:

  • System run states (generator & UPS)
  • Input & output power conditions
  • Power consumption trends
  • Environmental variables (temperature, humidity, etc.)
  • UPS Battery voltages
  • Transfer switch states
  • Water intrusion
  • System alerts
  • System alarms

We also offer flexible solutions to accessing the status of your equipment.  We can monitor your equipment:

  • Utilizing your existing data networks & internet connections
  • Design and implement a new management network
  • Install new, dedicated internet connectivity services at your local or remote equipment locations
  • Connect equipment to your existing Wi-Fi network when structured cabling is not available or is cost prohibitive
  • Connect equipment to a cellular network for remote monitoring

The evolution from reactive to proactive protection requires smarter management and reliable connectivity solutions of these devices.  Because we utilize several different vendors, our networking diversity is second to none.

These systems can be equipped and configured to be monitored through:

  • Your existing in-house network monitoring solution
  • Remotely to your internal monitoring solution through the internet
  • Remotely through new private data networks
  • Our monitoring solution and alert you when problems occur

Computer Power Systems is ready to automate the monitoring of your power generation infrastructure. 
Contact us today to learn more about the features and benefits to equipment monitoring.