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Damaging storms can pop up at any time, causing havoc with utility power and your critical systems. Schedule a sales professional to review your current power protection plan.

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Battery Disposal

Responsible disposal of hazardous materials, like UPS batteries, is something we take very seriously.  Improper disposal of such materials can be harmful to humans, pets, wildlife and the environment.  By offering proper disposal of old UPS units and batteries, we’re doing our part to help ensure our environment is a better place for everyone today and tomorrow. 

Proper battery disposal requires companies to adhere to very strict environmental legislations and processes.  Some of the advantages to following this process include the old components being reclaimed and recycled for use in the manufacture of new products, including the manufacture of new batteries. 

Computer Power Systems is leading this effort by offering these services to our customers:

  • Removal and disposal of older, unwanted large UPS units
  • Removal and disposal of older, unwanted large UPS battery packs
  • Free disposal of your unwanted small, desktop UPS units (drop-off at our office)
  • Free disposal of used UPS batteries (drop-off at our office)

We’re committed to our customers, our community and our environment.