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Preventative Maintenance

Routine maintenance on your UPS and generator equipment by a technician is a very important step in ensuring your equipment is ready to run when an outage takes place.  We offer service contracts that provide on-site preventative maintenance inspections and adjustments by factory trained technicians who know your equipment.  Contracts are available in annual, bi-annual, quarterly and monthly inspection increments, with the most common maintenance schedule type being the annual or bi-annual service.

A typical on-site preventative maintenance visit by our factory trained technicians include, but is not limited to:

  • Perform visual inspection of entire system
  • Measure and record power input/output, efficiency rating, etc.
  • Measure output waveform under load
  • Measure and record all AC filter trap components
  • Perform a system cleaning
  • Perform static electrical tests
  • Check all DC power components
  • Inspect transformers, breakers, cables, bus-bars and cabinet hardware
  • Provide any necessary adjustments
  • With customer approval, restart unit and return load, perform functional load test, etc.

Once the inspection is complete, we provide a complete written inspection report and notify you about any findings that need corrective action.

Contact us today to discuss the benefits of how a maintenance contract can keep your equipment ready for the next change in power conditions.