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Damaging storms can pop up at any time, causing havoc with utility power and your critical systems. Schedule a sales professional to review your current power protection plan.

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Celebrating 30 years!

Achieving a high-level of power dependability requires a balance between the electrical distribution and solid back-up power systems (UPS / Generator).  These factors are critical to ensuring the load can be carried seamlessly when an outage occurs.  The economic survival of a facility depends highly on the reliability operation of its equipment, which is directly tied to the power generation equipment installed at your facility.  Since 1982, Computer Power Systems, Inc. has specialized in critical power solutions throughout the state of Florida.  From UPS systems and Generators, to full scale Electrical service and Emergency Repairs, we provide a “One-Stop-Shop” solution for your needs.

If you are considering a UPS or generator for your business, we would like to visit your site and analyze your critical power needs.  Since we are not tied to one UPS manufacturer, we can provide the best solution for your particular need.  Companies with just one product line have to get as close as they can to needed load levels, etc. and often install a UPS that’s too big or too small.  The customer ends up either paying for more power than they need to operate, or outgrowing an undersized unit well before it is time to replace it.  It is for this reason, the “One size fits all” mentality does not fit into our business philosophy.

 Our specialty areas include:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Sales, Service, and Installation.  We provide a diversified selection of manufacturers, and have an in-stock supply of most sizes and types. Since we are not tied to one manufacturer, we can provide the best solution for your particular need.
  • High Efficiency “GREEN” Designed UPS Systems.  Reduce the cost to implement, run and maintain your equipment.  A “Green UPS” unit can reach a return on investment faster!  Click here to see why
  • Full service electrical contractor (E.C. # 0002258), providing complete turn-key installations, design-build capabilities, and emergency response for mission critical customers.  Low-voltage turn-key installation, High speed data and telecommunications cabling.
  • Emergency standby generators (Diesel and LP/Natural Gas) and load transfer switching gear.  Sales and turn-key Installations.
  • Factory-authorized service, Maintenance contracts, Battery replacement and 24/7/365 emergency Service on all UPS systems we sell, and service and maintenance contracts on most other brands.
  • Surge suppression and grounding, DC power systems

 The growth of power related problems can be directly linked to the growth of computer based loads.  Not only is there more sensitive equipment in the field, but the loads are frequently installed in office and production environments that do not enjoy the ambient controls and wiring enhancements typically designed into dedicated computer rooms.